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Once accepted into the program, most schools offer both day and night

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    As one of the most time-honored and best-preserved imperial gardens in China, Beihai Park is located in the center of Beijing with the Forbidden city to the northwest, functioning as an imperial garden in the Liao (907-1125), Jin (1115-1234), Yuan (1206-1368) http://www.nhlsabresteamshop.com/authen … es-jersey/ , Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) dynasties, which is rich in poetic and pictorial splendor owing to its unique design based on the Chinese traditional legend of One Heavenly Pool and Three Immortal Mountains (referring to Taiye Pool, Penglai Mountain, Fangzhang Mountain and Yingzhou Mountain).

Beihai Park was initially built in the Liao dynasty and the large-scale Taining Palace was constructed in the park in the Jin dynasty, on the foundation of which Emperor Kublai Khan ordered to assemble Dadu (current Beijing) in the Yuan dynasty, and it was greatly enlarged during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing dynasty, basically developing its present pattern. Beihai Park covers an area of 69 hectares with water area of 39 hectares, where the landmark is the White Dagoba in Yong'a Temple on Qionghua Islet, and the park continues to be open to the public since 1925 and functions as China's National AAAA-Amount Scenic Area now.

Beihai Park consists of Qionghua Islet Area, the North Bank Area, the Circulate City Area, the East Bank Place and Beihai Botanical Garden Area http://www.nhlsabresteamshop.com/authen … es-jersey/ , each of which has its very own unique characteristics, and the well-known attractions in the parks include the adorned Pleasure Boat Studio, the Quieting Spirit Studio, the Divine King Hall, the White Pagoda, the Swift-Snow Corridor, the Nine-Dragon Screen Wall and the Little Western Heaven. The verdant cypresses and green willows set off each other in the park with pavilions and temples in a picturesque illness.

Walking into Beihai Park from the South Gate and passing Yong'a Bridge, you will see two colored-painting memorial archways, among which is called Stacking Cloud and the other Stacking Green. Walk further, where the Yong'a Temple stands with its chief architectures, including Zhengjue Hall, the Hall of Dharma Wheel http://www.nhlsabresteamshop.com/authen … es-jersey/ , Pu'a Hall, the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower, and Qionghua Islet is before your eyes. It is possible to climb up the Tibetan-style White Pagoda (5.9 meters tall) by ascending the stairs, whose body is bottle-shaped with a spire on the top, and the delicately-decorated Shanyin Hall is in the front of the pagoda, supplying a rest area for the visitors. In the west of Qiongdao Islet is the Pleasant Heart Hall, where the emperors used to take a remainder in the Qing dynasty, and the Jade Islet in Shady Springtime (One of the Eight Attractions in Beijing) is in the northeast of Qiongdao Islet also.

Beihai Park inherits the essence of Chinese traditional gardening art and combines the bold and unconstrained fashion with the graceful and restrained style in Southern China perfectly as one, bringing countless visitors annually.   
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2018-03-27 08:50:02

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